silver strings and the strawberry moon

by Daniel Fine

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This EP is a collection of piano and ambient compositions I worked on over the summer. They are intended to be simple, sad, and surreal. I worked with piano, synths, accordion, guitar, and recording other ambient sounds to compose the pieces on this EP.


released August 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Daniel Fine Rochester, New York

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Track Name: prelude. whispers in a shopping mall
open up the dreams
you had once locked away
find love on the sidewalk
where the shadows like to play

these words are not ones of hope
nor are they words of fright
they are the words that lurk
in the corners of the summer night

where silver strings dance
with a whisper of song
in the light of the strawberry moon
i knew you were long gone
and i knew everything was wrong
Track Name: part i. hollis the falling star
I sat beside you on my bed
We whispered things
We wish we hadn’t said
My words bled

I now know I can’t trust my thoughts
They spread like wildfire once they’ve caught
I wish that they would stop
They keep my heart distraught

I know that there is hope for this too
Oh June berry, why did you leave so soon?
For a moment your heart was in bloom

I lost the rhythm of the days
The pace that kept the dark at bay
The meadow rue did sway
‘Neath the sycamore in May

Down Cedar Lane my eyes did lay
Upon the words you’d never say
Oh, furrow deep my longing
By the morning you’ll be gone

Don’t go now
Will I see you again?
Don’t go now
I’ll find the words
To create a friend

Don’t go now
Wish for a different end
Don’t go now
I’ll find the words
To make amends
Track Name: part ii. june comes in mothland
I’ll never forget your eyes
It wouldn’t be right
Counting stars as they whispered goodnight
Silver strings that tied your dreams to mine

The morning comes into view
And you leave with the moon
June read like a half-written poem
A love scattered and strewn

I’ll always be a regret,
A burdening sunset
You said I couldn’t make more of a mess
Than what’s already inside your head

I love you, for your words are a song
That say I could do no wrong
But you always look to the ground
Like the answer is written there somehow

The waves swept me away
When I couldn’t depart
From the love that choked
With hands swollen and red
Your ship sank my heart
Oh, how it tore me apart
A forest fire started by a spark
Track Name: outro. silver strings and the strawberry moon
We will sail across
Find the moments lost
Dissolve beyond me

You’re the ghost of my dreams
And I need to confront you
For you haunt my heart deep

These stars intertwined
We would be strangers
Tangled still in separate lives

Among the radio waves
Dancing tired in the deep blue
A moment lost in your gaze

I sold myself
To the strawberry moon
Bought silver strings
To tie myself to you

But they fell apart
With each tired minute
You were there
And then you disappeared

How is it
That you make my heart twist
When I know
You don’t really exist