Two Years EP

by Daniel Fine

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songs from november, 2015


released December 15, 2015

all done by daniel fine in his dorm room freshman year.



all rights reserved


Daniel Fine Rochester, New York

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Track Name: November
It was 54 and the leaves were all over the place
Down past the liquor store and the graveyard
Where we'd walk when it was late
The trees outside my window were all bare and I could see
The dock where the light would hit the bench when you're asleep
I don't wish you'd ever leave

The light left the night so softly
Like the fireplace in the living room slowly dims as we fall asleep
November wore a tired face with eyes that looked so sad
When I walked for miles down the riverside
The world had hung its head
I don't wish you'd ever leave

Oh won't you see I lost the will to sleep
Let the night draw thin, when there are lines on my skin
And my breathing is no longer deep
I told you we'd listen to our hearts
No matter if we were or were not apart
Oh god I need to know

A soft blanket of fog wraps around the trees
Touching everywhere, a winter kind of breeze
Lost among the lights, your window is asleep
Dark and dreary where the clouds lie scattered above me
I don't wish you'd ever leave
Track Name: Two Years
I remember the day you left
You said your mother was in tears
We were sitting in the backseat of the car
When you whispered in my ear

The hills were steep down College Street
But we still skipped the whole way
Mid November when the leaves had long since left the trees
It was Providence, and the skies had turned grey

We got off the bus at 7 AM
And stepped into the pouring rain
You grabbed my hand, and whispered a smile
And I tried hard not to say, "If I only had one day"

When we found the tiny market
You had the biggest smile on your face
There was nothing much but fruit and peanut butter too
But it still made your whole day

I remember standing on the rocks
At the beach near our school
I tried all three numbers your mother gave to me
But none of them could get me through

We got off the plane around midday
The first chance we had to be together and far away
You grabbed my hand and whispered a smile
And I tried hard not to say, "If I only had one day"

I've heard that love is just something you could use
You could spend it all in a day if you wanted to
Even though I cried when you told me the truth
I knew I could never give up, if there was still something I could do
And eventually, one of the numbers got me through to you

Now I'm here, and you are there
A few hundred miles or so apart
But I know I will see you soon
And the distance won't really matter at all

I remember the day you came back
We met by the library on the bridge
I saw you down the street, and my heart made a leap
I'm sure you knew it did
Track Name: Eliza
Eliza wore her blue coat everyday
Most often all the buttons were astray
Sentimental in the ivy, the leaves were on the cobblestone
Where the light begins in autumn's fleeting days

The trees down on the corner meant a lot to her as they fled
From winters harsh but loving goodnight kiss
All the boys said that they loved her
But it was nothing compared to her mother
When she knelt down by her grave stone and told her she was missed

"You're right" she said "I needed you to know"
As she hung herself on the tree in the snow
The rope was frozen and her lips were blue
Her eyes were soft and broken
In the morning they will open for you

Eliza saw the red and blue lights as they got closer to
The scene where her love was down in tears
The boy was there and whispering
And before they got a glimpse of him
He left and no one ever knew of him for years

She cried and told him everything
As winter turned into the spring
And left behind everything dead and grey
The rope was tied and ready in her drawer
For months she left it there
Hoping one day she wouldn't need it any way

"You're right" she said "I needed you to know"
As she hung herself on the tree in the snow
The day was old and tired, she let it disappear
Her life turned into the tears
That fell from her mother's eyes onto the stone

The autumn winds reached from far and wide
To meet in the graveyard where we told each other
In whispered fairytales under the pines
The last day of fall fell upon the air
In November, and made the world feel heavy for a while

The drunken days were solitary, the mists were thick and weary
As I stood beside the grave stone in the dark
Where mount hope avenue dragged along and the birds no longer sang their songs
I listened as the cars drove past the park

"You're right" she said "I needed you to know"
Then she hung herself on the tree in the snow
The branches blew wildly in the wind
And the sirens began to sing
When they found her body dangling in the cold